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Our Services

We are contracted with various different Life, Health, Insurance and Investment companies to tailor-make a product to suit your individual need.

Education Protection

Education Protection

Education Protection and benefit from the free University Funder of up to 100%

Protect your child's education with the Education Protector if you are not able to due to an event listed below.

  1. Covers the actual costs of your children's education, from créche through to their tertiary education, if you or your spouse pass away, or suffer a severe illness or disability.
  2. If you claim, we provide payments to help cover costs such as: Uniforms Stationery and textbooks Technology (such as laptops and iPads) Tutoring and extra lessons Transport costs School trips.
  3. Manage your health and wellness and we will help to fund up to 100% of your children's tertiary tuition fees for up to three years.

As in Life, terms and conditions do apply.

Medical Aid, Hospital and Gap Cover Plans

Medical Aid, Hospital and Gap Cover Plans

Does your Medical Aid Premiums make you sick?

  • Peace of mind in case of a medical need.
  • We have a range of medical aid plans, each with a variety of options, to suit your pocket.
  • Medical GAP cover

Hospital medical aid plans cover in-hospital costs such as ward and theatre fees including Service Providers such as specialists' etc.

  • In-hospital costs tend to be our biggest medical expenses so, although your GP visits and other out of hospital procedure won't be covered with a hospital plan, you won't land up with a large hospital bill.
  • We have various Medical Aid / Hospital plans to choose from to suit different in-hospital needs.
  • A Gap cover product to assist you with in-hospital Service Provider fees over your health plans maximum rate is reccomended. Indeed, a Gap cover product should be part of everyone's medical aid portfolio. 
  • We even have hospital plans that include a basket of limited day-to-day benefits such as unlimited GP visits etc.
  • All our Hospital Plans include 27 specific chronic conditions.

It has become the main way that South Africans fund their private healthcare needs, in and out of hospital. 

Medical aid covers members' healthcare costs such as hospitalisation, treatments and medicine. These costs are covered according to the rules of the medical scheme and the member’s medical aid plan type. These rules ensure that members are fairly cared for. All medical schemes in South Africa are governed in accordance with the Medical Schemes Act 131 of 1998, and are regulated by the Council of Medical Schemes.

Medical aid in South Africa provides financial cover for medical expenses for members who pay a monthly contribution for this cover. These contributions are paid to medical aid schemes and are pooled and safeguarded.

Medical aid (medical hospital plans) schemes are operated on a not-for-profit basis. rules ensure that members are fairly cared for. 

Gap cover is mainly for financial assistance in hospital and seldom assist with day-to-day benefits. Some Gap Cover plans will assist with co-payments of MRI & Scans. Some may even have an Emergency and or Cancer benefit.  This benefit is not unlimited and has an annual maximum limit, that may be adjusted on an annual basis, per calender year. 

Contact us to assist you with a medical aid and Gap Cover plan that will suit your pocket.
All medical schemes in South Africa are governed in accordance with the Medical Schemes Act 131 of 1998, and are regulated by the Council of Medical Schemes.
We only advise on Medical Aid / Hospital Plans that are registered with the Council of Medical Scheme's.

Income Protection

Income Protection

A monthly pay-out to protect you if you are unable to earn an income due to injury or illness of both a temporary or permanent nature.

One of our main sources of wealth, as humans, is our capability to earn an Income. It makes financial sense then to have a benefit that will assist us financially when we cannot perform our normal day-to-day duties.

Life is unpredictable, place yourself in the position and consider what will happen should you be unable to earn an income for a month or three or even 6 months or more for the rest of your life?

What is an Income Protection and how does it work?

  • Income protection is an insurance product that pays out when you're unable to work because of injury or illness.
  • Your Income Protection will pay out a net amount, of your choice, up to 100% of your existing net income, free of income tax, until you have recovered and return to your occupation.
  • Income protection pays you an income on:
    • Temporary basis (being off work for a specific period) until your return to work.
    • Up until retirement age 65 or 70
    • You may even choose a Whole of Life payment period
    • Although short-term income protection policies, which last for one or two years, are also available at a lower cost.



Saving towards future goals using endowment plans, flexible investment plans or retirement plans. We use recurring monthly investment premiums or lump sum investments.

  • Short term investments for a specific need (future education, deposit for a house etc)
  • Retirement

Life and Disability Insurance

Life and Disability Insurance

Protect your income and keeping your dignity.

We have various products to assist you and your family, on life changing events such as:

  • Death
  • Permanent Disability
  • Income Protection - pays you an income every month when you are incapable of earning an income due to an illness or accident.
  • Severe Illness - pays out an insured amount on experiencing:
    • Heart Attack
    • Cancer
    • Stroke
    • Coronary artery bypass graft
    • Various other benefits

Retirement Annuity Investment Benefit

Retirement Annuity Investment Benefit

A retirement annuity is an investment vehicle that helps you save for your retirement.

You can use it as your main investment for retirement or in addition to your employer's retirement fund.

It offers significant tax advantages including unique features:

  • encourage saving, and
  • you can invest a lump sum or
  • make regular contributions
  • protection against creditors

Contributions into the Retirement Annuity are tax-deductible of up to your individual income tax rate.

  • This means you can deduct your contributions from your taxable income (the amount you must pay tax on).
  • There are limits to how much you can subtract per tax year: the maximum is 27.5% of the higher of your taxable income and your remuneration with an overall capping at R350 000 for the year.
  • You don't pay tax on growth you earn within the fund until retirement.
  • There is no tax on interest, dividends income, capital gains or rental income.

Maturing Retirement Annuity:

When you turn 55, you may elect to retire and your options will depend on the investment value of your investment.

  • The first R500 000 in your lifetime, collectively of all your retirement investments that includes Retirement Annuities, Provident and Pension fund withdrawals are tax free.
  • If the investment value is under R247 500 You can take the full investment in one cash payment, subject to tax.
  • If the investment value is R247 500 or more You can take up to one-third of the investment value as a lump-sum cash payment. You must use the remaining two-thirds to invest into retirement investment that gives you a regular income, example, a living or a fixed annuity.
  • There is tax on the income you receive from your annuity.

In both cases You can delay your retirement by leaving your money invested in your retirement annuity until you decide you want to take it out (and invest it in an investment that gives you an income).

You can also use the full amount (three-thirds) to invest in an investment that gives you an income.

Short Term Insurance

Short Term Insurance

Protecting your assets.

  • Domestic, Vehicle and Household Insurance
  • Commercial Business Insurance
  • Personal and Business Liability

Severe Illness / Dreaded Disease / Critical Illness Benefit

Severe Illness / Dreaded Disease / Critical Illness Benefit

Provides comprehensive financial cover against life-changing events. Allows you to maintain your lifestyle in the event of becoming severely ill.

The Severe Illness Benefit covers illnesses affecting all major physiological and anatomical systems of the body:

  • Heart and artery
  • Respiratory
  • Connective tissue
  • Ear, nose and throat
  • Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Eye
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Nervous system
  • Urogenital tract and kidney
  • Advanced AIDS
  • Accidental HIV
  • Endocrine and metabolic

We offer an award winning* Severe Illness Benefit which is designed to provide you with the most comprehensive protection against the lifestyle impact of a severe illness.

Unique features, such as:

  • Covers all major physiological and anatomical systems
  • Comprehensive cover for multiple claims. Boosted benefits based on objective measurement of the long-term impact of the illness.
  • Comprehensive cancer cover through the Cancer Relapse Benefit,
  • Comprehensive lifestyle protection against the impact of a severe illness
  • Parent and child severe illness cover at no extra cost.
  • Market-first Cancer Relapse Benefit which allows client to claim for a series of related cancers*
  • Early Cancer Benefit which covers 17 in-situ cancers*

*As awarded in 2016 by ICON for being the number one dread disease product in the market for cancer protection.

Life Cover (Death): Estate Duty Benefit

Life Cover (Death): Estate Duty Benefit

Planning for Estate duty fees and protecting your heirs inheritance.

The Estate Planning Benefit provides a lump-sum pay out after you and your spouse have both passed away.

  • The Estate Planning Benefit allows you to select an amount to cover any estate duties that may be payable.
  • Providing a market-first feature of allowing you to access a portion of the payment after the first death.

Key features of this benefit:

  • The Estate Planning AccessCover Benefit allows you to access up to 30% of the Estate Planning Benefit insured amount any time after the first death, based on certain conversion factors.
  • The portion that is not accessed will still be paid after both you and your spouse have passed away.
  • Premium affordability, after the first death, the premium for the Estate Planning Benefit will cease and the sum assured will lock in on the first death and paying out on the death of the last surviving spouse.
  • This ensures affordability of the benefit over time for the remaining spouse.
  • The pay-out method ensures that there are funds available towards paying for Estate Duties thereby protecting your Estate assets for your beneficiaries.
  • A terminal illness can have significant financial and emotional strain on your loved ones. In recognition of this, the Estate Planning Benefit automatically accelerates the pay-out from this benefit on terminal illness of the last surviving spouse.

Funeral Benefit

Funeral Benefit

Protect your family with a Funeral Plan.

Losing a family member is never easy. Coping with the loss can be an overwhelming challenge and one of the most traumatic experiences in life.

There are also many costs associated with the passing of a loved one, such as, funeral costs and the cost of the unveiling.

These costs can add a lot of extra pressure to an already stressful situation. We can help you by easing the financial burden of this difficult time with a Funeral Plan.

Our Funeral Plan offers you and your family funeral cover with a pay-out between R10 000 and R60 000 upon the loss of a family member.

It also offers valuable additional benefits.

We help you to pay the costs of the unveiling of the gravestone The Memorial Benefit on the Discovery Funeral Plan will pay an additional amount over and above your funeral cover amount if you or your spouse pass away. You can use this money to pay the costs of the unveiling of the gravestone.

You could get double your pay-out in the case of an accidental death if you or your spouse pass away as a result of an accident.

We pay an amount over and above your funeral cover benefit amount if you or your spouse pass away, to assist you with unforeseen costs such as groceries or you can use it to help you with any additional expenses.

That's why we provide you with this additional cash payment to use at your discretion.

Claims are paid within 24 hours after receiving the necessary paperwork from you.

  • You will receive the payouts for your additional benefits at the same time as your funeral cover benefit payment.
  • This ensures that you have funds available to you immediately, giving you peace of mind knowing that all your needs are covered during a difficult time.

Financial Needs Analysis

Financial Needs Analysis

We have the tools and calculators to assist you with all your Financial Planning requirements.

  • Set measurable financial goals
    • Set specific targets of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve the results.
    • Instead of saying you want to be "comfortable" when you retire or that you want your children to attend "good" schools, we will help you to quantify what "comfortable" and "good" mean so that you will know when you've reached your goals.
  • Understand the effect of each financial decision.
    • Each financial decision you make can affect several other areas of your life.
    • An investment decision may have tax consequences that are harmful to your estate plans or a decision about your child's education may affect when and how you meet your retirement goals.
    • Remember that all of your financial decisions are interrelated.
  • Re-evaluate your financial situation periodically
    • Financial planning is a dynamic process.
    • Your financial goals may change over the years due to things like an inheritance, marriage, birth, house purchase or change of occupational status.
    • Let us assist you to revisit and revise your financial plan to stay on track with your financial goals and expectations.
  • Start planning as soon as you can
    • People who save or invest small amounts of money early and often, tend to do better than those who wait until later in life.
    • By developing good financial planning habits such as saving, budgeting, investing and regularly reviewing your finances early in life, you will be better prepared to meet life changes and handle emergencies.
  • Be realistic in your expectations.
    • Financial planning wont change your situation overnight, it is a lifelong process.
    • Remember that events beyond your control such as inflation or changes in the stock market or interest rates will affect your financial planning results on an ongoing basis.
  • Realise that you are in charge
    • When you are working with us, as your financial planner, we want you to understand the financial planning process and what our role as your Financial Planner is to assist you reaching your life expectations on Education, Investments (Pre and Post Retirement), Hospitalisation, Severe Illness Illness, Temporary and Permanent Disability, Retirement and Death including Estate duty planning.

Registrations and Associations

Willie du Plessis Financial Services CC is an Accredited Health Care Provider No: ORG 3953

Willie du Plessis Financial Services CC is an Authorised Financial Services Provider No: 43920

Our practices compliance to regulations set by the Financial Services Board of SA is monitored externally, on a regular basis, by Masthead (Pty) Ltd, an approved compliance practice. Their postal address is PO Box 856, Howard Place, 7450.

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